Industrial Solutions

Trucking and overland transportation may not be the core of your business but it is necessary and tedious. We offer the best solution for you to manage your trucking orders in ease

Trucking company / Transporters

Traditional Practice: Managing the business without system because there is no perfectly fit-to-business solution to the very local processes. Instead of investing on system, logistics companies prefer to invest on the fix asset to improve the capacity.


  • For Operation – a Cloud-based Transportation management system to digitize the order creation, order planning and order tracking
  • For Finance – a simplified accounting system to help you manage your Account Receivable, Account Payable and Book-keeping
  • For Customer – a customer interface for you to improve the satisfaction and awareness
  • For Business – a marketplace for you to promote your business and showcase the company straight


  • Reducing the investment cost on adopting system as LOGFLOWS charge on monthly basis on your volume of usage
  • Enhancing the company image and bringing your business to the top-class standard
  • Using LOGFLOWS is not just buying a system but bringing an entire IT department to your company


Traditional Practice: The adaptation of manual ordering process and undisciplined handling of transporter result in excessive paperwork.



  • For consumers – Our mobile/ web-enabled booking and tracking interface enable real-time monitoring of your order.
  • For retailers – Our systematic control panel empowers a customized ordering and fulfilment process.
  • For transporters – Our extensive planning tools save your time and effort.
  • For drivers – Our order fulfilment app is a comprehensive platform providing all the services you need.
  • *All above different modules are interconnected in order to optimize the entire communication process.


  • Reducing cost from following up enquiry with our clear instructions and standardized process.
  • Enhancing brand image and the level of customer satisfaction which will stimulate repeat purchase.
  • Raising customer loyalty and confidence with simplified ordering and fulfilment planning as well as the transparent delivery process.

Freight Forwarder / 3PL

Traditional Practice: Managing subcontractors is a tedious, manual and non-standardized process. Without sufficient data to support the measurement, the performance of the subcontractors are basically unmanaged.


  • TMS – A full-featured transportation system which is so easy-to-adopt that even truck drivers are willing to use
  • Notification gateway – A logic embedded to the TMS to inform any potential delay or irregularities happened instantly to the partners’ involved
  • Account Payment and Receivable module – A order reconciliation function designed for non-finance users, simplifying the tedious order and charges checking procedure


  • Digitizing the whole transportation and subcontractor management process without capital expanses and complex implementation.
  • Aggregating your valuable big data from different data source back to your centralized data center.
  • Automating the operation and communication with your subcontractors and leveraging their performance with real-time visibility.


Traditional Practice: For manufacturing, transportation is an avoidable but major logistics cost which is not part of the core business. So this non-core process involved a lot of external transporters whose shipment records returned, if any, are always scattered and unmanaged.



  • For management – our customized control panel with management dashboard oversee the whole trucking logistics flow
  • For operator – our notification gateway automatically feedback the irregularities and remind both internal company members and external business partners for any order delay.
  • For IT department – our platform has API / EDI specification which is extremely easy to connect back to your ERP and Warehouse system.


  • Reducing the unnecessary phone call and email communication by connecting the shipping department, transporters and customers on one platform
  • Achieving the seamless data flow by connecting the manufacturing process to transportation process through the system integration
  • Enjoying the end-to-end supply chain visibility by digitizing the transportation sector that managed by the transporters