Industrial Solutions

Trucking and overland transportation may not be the core of your business but it is necessary and tedious. We offer the best solution for you to manage your trucking orders in ease

Trucking company / Transporters

Problem: No perfectly fit-to-business solution to connect the improved performance to public awareness.


  • Cloud-based Transportation management system to manage the orders planning, order fulfilment and order visibility.
  • AR/AP and book-keeping module.
  • Comprehensive report center to understand the company business better.
  • Open platform to connect business partners and customers.


  • No installation required, Pay-as-you-go monthly cost.
  • Enhance the company image and bring the business standard to world-class technologies.


Problem: Manual ordering and excess paperwork under uncontrollable transporter handling.


  • Mobile/Web-enabled booking and tracking interface for consumers
  • Control panel for retailers
  • Planning tool for transporters
  • Simple order fulfillment app for drivers

*All above different modules are tightly linked together to enhance the entire communication process


  • Clear instructions and standard process, reduce cost from follow up enquiry and complaint
  • Enhance brand image, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, lead to repeat purchase
  • Simply ordering and fulfilment planning and improve the customer satisfaction by obtain transparency about the deliveries.
  • Seamlessly tracked shipment from pickup to delivery to the consignee.
  • Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer asks.

Freight Forwarder / 3PL

Problem: Manual subcontractor management and monitor method; inefficient and tedious AR/AP reconciliation process.


  • Control panel for 3PL/forwarder, supported with mobile app and mobile-less SMS application for drivers.
  • Notification gateway to internal users and external customer for any irregularity.
  • Intelligent online AR/AP reconciliation process.
  • Comprehensive, intelligent and customized performance dashboard.


  • Automated AR/AP process, reduce heavily relied manual work, reduce error.
  • Aggregate data from different subcontractors and leverage performance of subcontractors with real-time visibility.


Problem: Transportation is one of the major costs incurred in the whole supply chain management which involves both external transporters and in-house drivers. Having a comprehensive solution to fit all parties involved is very difficult.


  • Customized control panel with management dashboard to oversee the whole logistics flow.
  • Notification gateway to internal users and external customer for any irregularity.
  • Open API / EDI protocol to connect to ERP or warehouse system.


  • Significantly reduce the unnecessary phone call and email communication between shipping department, transporters and customers.
  • End-to-end visibility from inbound to outbound to invoicing.
  • Seamless data flow to avoid manual work and double data entry.